Goodbye ill-fitting, uncomfortable harnesses for your dog...

Hello Perfect Fit

We are an approved Perfect Fit harness stockist serving Cardiff & South Wales. The harness recommended by trainers, vets and behaviourists across the country.

We, just like you, want the very best for your dog - whether for training or walking your dog, a great harness is essential! Ill-fitting and uncomfortable wear can have an impact on our dog's moods and how well they can cope with new experiences.

For us, Perfect Fit ticks all of the boxes. Soft, durable, stylish and fit exactly to the size and shape of your dog.

Equipped with two clips, the harness is suitable for use with double-ended leads - great for walking and training!

Dog comfort and safety is important. Not only for general happiness, security and well-being of our dogs but also because a comfortable dog is a dog that is more likely to learn while training and behave on walks.

One of the most common struggles our puppy owners have told us they have is finding a harness for their puppy that properly fits. Even if you do find a harness that fits 'ok' next month your puppy may have outgrown it already.. The harness is fitted perfectly to your dog which helps reduce the chance of your dog getting loose of the harness and slipping away.

Perfect Fit harnesses are simple to put on and take off, they clip around the neck and then can be clipped on the back. This saves the harness being put on over the dog's head which for some dogs who struggle with harnesses can reduce the fear.

Perfectly fitted

With 33 pieces across 4 size ranges we can be sure that your pup will have a well fitted harness. We can measure up the harness for you right here so you can be confident it will be correct.

The harness is adjustable in multiple places, around the shoulders, front of chest and around the girth.

Grows with pup

With typical harnesses, as your puppy grows the whole harness becomes useless. Perfect Fit is a modular design, so we can just replace single pieces which we can help you with.

This is also great if part of the harness breaks, no need to throw away the whole thing, just replace pieces.


13 colours to choose from with a selection of matching leads. Our favourite is the double ended 2 meter training lead - perfect for training loose lead walking! We fit all sizes, from tiny to 40MM meaning no matter the size of your dog we will be able to accommodate them.

If you want multiple colours its incredibly easy to swap the piece. Once we have fitted you, just let us know anytime and we are happy to take care of getting extra individual pieces ordered for you.

Let us take care of the hard part of fitting

One of the downsides of Perfect Fit harnesses is getting the fitting correct. You can try to measure with tape at home but if you get the measurements wrong then you need to deal with the hassle of returns, not to mention the delay of getting the harness.

We have special fitting kits to get your dog's correct sizing and can tell you from experience what the correct fit will be for your dog.

Cost: Free when you order a harness with us.

If you train with us you can contact us to fit a time around your classes. However, we also run special fitting sessions at our venue in Cardiff Central, with easy links to M4, Bow Wow Boutique Doggy Day Care (9 Ipswich Rd, Cardiff CF23 9AQ).

Harnesses are from £33, with single pieces costing as little as £11.50.

Use the contact form below to let us know if you're interested in finding out more about the harnesses and having your pup fitted and we will get back you with dates and more information.