About Boomerang Dogs


My dog training journey started after Luna & Lemon joined my family. Luna is a border collie who was a typical sheepdog gone wrong: high-energy, nervous and reactive. Lemon is a mixed breed who had appalling recall and struggled to connect with people after her experience on a puppy farm and going through a rescue center.

With the problems mounting I tried many training methods with limited success before finally discovering games-based training. After just a short time I was able to understand my dog's behaviour, bond with them more closely and see them transforming before my eyes.

Now I can do everything I dreamed to do with my dogs, I enjoy every walk, we go on adventures and are learning new sports and skills all the time. Luna's confidence grows daily, she participates in mantrailing and agility knowing I have her back to help her through any struggles. Lemon enjoys off lead walks and you may spot her demonstrating the games in some of our classes.

I knew I had to share these life-changing techniques and at the first opportunity I trained professionally as a games-based dog trainer. What I love most about these methods is they are easy to follow, fun and addictive. Once you start training with games you will be hooked.

Our Mission

  • Empower owners - give people confidence, skills and knowledge to overcome any dog training struggle they encounter.
  • Create a dog training culture - promote progressive training styles and make training enjoyable so that more dogs experience learning as part of daily life with in a community.
  • Give dogs the best life ever - help them to become their best dog! Have great relationships and access more activities.
  • Support rescue organisations - prevent dogs going into rescue, assist dogs in the rescue system and help dogs transition from rescue life to their forever homes.