About Boomerang Dogs

Hello, We're Boomerang Dogs

We are a group of dog trainers, puppy trainers and behaviourists with a shared goal to shake things up and fix the way that dogs are trained.

Using the latest in dog training techniques, we promise fun well-managed classes, expert training knowledge and support for as long as you need it.

Take our challenge to ditch the 6 week puppy class and check out our innovative weekly drop-in classes and puppy club

Our Mission

  • Empower dog owners - give dog owners the confidence, skills and knowledge to overcome any dog training struggle they encounter.
  • Create a dog training culture - promote progressive training styles and make training enjoyable so that more dogs experience learning as part of daily life with in a community.
  • Give dogs the best life ever - help them to become their best dog! Have great relationships and access more activities.
  • Support rescue organisations - prevent dogs going into rescue, assist dogs in the rescue system and help dogs transition from rescue life to their forever homes.

Our Team

Tesla Raessi

Head Trainer

My dog training journey started after Boomerang Dogs Luna & Lemon joined my family. Luna is a border collie who was a typical sheepdog gone wrong: high-energy, nervous and reactive. Lemon is a mixed breed who had appalling recall and struggled to connect with people after her experiences on a puppy farm and going through a rescue center.

With the problems mounting I tried many training methods with limited success before finally discovering games-based training. After just a short time I was able to understand my dog's behaviour, bond with them more closely and see them transforming before my eyes.

Now I can do everything I dreamed to do with my dogs, I enjoy every walk, we go on adventures and are learning new sports and skills all the time. Luna's confidence grows daily, she participates in mantrailing and agility knowing I have her back to help her through any struggles. Lemon enjoys off lead walks and you may spot her demonstrating the games in some of our classes.

I knew I had to share these life-changing techniques and at the first opportunity I trained professionally as a games-based dog trainer. What I love most about these methods is they are easy to follow, fun and addictive. Once you start training with games you will be hooked.

My Trainer

Cardiff – Zoe

Zoe loves teaching life skills in a fun and effective way, she runs the life skills classes in Cardiff as well as tricks and agility. She has a Labrador cross called Colin, and a Collie cross Cattle Dog called Trevor whom she is training in heelwork to music with.

Taffs Well – Rhiannon

Rhiannon loves helping owners to develop a strong relationship with their dog, as well as all things scent based. She teaches life skills and scentwork classes in Taffs Well. She shares her life with three Border Terriers, Flossy, Chester, and Teasel and also “borrows” her parents’ chihuahuas on a regular basis!