Puppy Training Classes in Cardiff

If you are looking for classes to navigate you through the challenging journey of puppyhood, Boomerang Dogs has got you covered.

Puppy classes are available throughout the week at our purpose built venue in the heart of Cardiff, run by puppy training experts using up to date, reward based methods.

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Puppy Class

At puppy class you can expect a different area of puppy training to be taught each week covering a range of life skills, behaviours and training tools.

With small class sizes, we begin the class by discussing the topic of the week and what we will be training our puppies, with plenty of opportunities for questions. We then practice training our puppies, sometimes this will be in individual areas, moving around different stations and other times it will be one at a time for off-lead exercises.

The trainer will come around each puppy and owner and give feedback, advice and encouragement to make sure you get the most out of the class. At the end we check in as a group again, ask questions and the trainer will give you homework to do before the next class.

Our goal is that everyone learns something, has fun and feels confident to keep building on the success you have in class out in the real world.

  • Get started with training your puppy right away, our puppy classes run every week.
  • Comprehensive learning, not just 'sit', 'down' but life skills that will prepare your puppy for the rest of its life.
  • Beautiful venue, well-managed classes with small class sizes to give you plenty of opportunity to work individually.
  • Caring and knowledgable trainers on hand to support you for as long as you need.
"We took Penny our lab to Boomerang Dogs as we were desperate for help. Since being there we have learnt so much, nevermind the dog. She is almost totally transformed."

At this age your puppy’s brain is like a sponge, absorbing everything around it and learning 24/7. With this in mind we don’t run set course dates and you can join class and get started any week. Why wait and delay training any longer than you have to during this important stage of development.

If you want to supercharge your training we also offer a Puppy Package for 121 training at your house before vaccinations to get started sooner.

Getting involved in classes: Tap below, check out the available dates and times and sign-up for Boomerang Dog's club. If you have a membership then your space is guaranteed on that class, just turn up!

Puppy Club Membership

Up to 6 months old - check out our Teen classes below if you missed puppy training! With our puppy club membership you get access to a trainer on tap, support for as long as you need it, giving you and your puppy the skills to navigate puppy-hood with ease and confidence. This option is perfect for owners who are serious about giving their puppy the best chance for success in life.

What makes our puppy club different and a better option than usual limited and outdated puppy courses? We go beyond basic obedience to give you and your puppy the knowledge to take on any challenge that life throws at you. All you can eat learning, rather than being left wondering "ok but what next?"

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£65 billed monthly

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Need more support? We offer puppy packages for private training. Tap for more details.

In class you will learn how to teach your dog incredible tricks. We begin with simple skills and foundations and build to more complicated and elaborate tricks.

Learning to trick train using tools and methods that professional animal trainers use to train behaviours, such as shaping, luring, capturing, and targeting.

  • Helps provide the mental and physical stimulation your dog needs.
  • Trainers certified and trained under Train Trainer UK
  • Unique progression to keep classes fresh and focused.
  • Form a close relationship, and learn to communicate with your dog, all while having fun!
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Puppy Class Questions

How do the classes run?

Puppy classes run every week, you can start whenever you like. Just select a suitable day and choose a payment option. Pay as you go to book classes individually, a great option if you can’t commit to a regular day, or sign up to a Puppy Membership to secure your space every week and unlock a range of benefits.

Who are these classes for?

These classes are perfect for first time puppy owners or puppy owners who want to brush up on their training skills. If you have a high energy puppy, maybe a working breed or are planning on progressing into dog sports and want to train your puppy to a high standard our classes are exactly what you need.

How old does my puppy need to be?

Your puppy is welcome at classes as soon as they are fully covered by their vaccinations, your vet will be able to advise you on this. You may join any time your puppy is under 6 months old and stay in classes up to 12 months old to provide you with the ongoing support needed to sail through puppyhood. After 12 months we have a range of training options for you to choose from to continue your training journey.

Will it help with my struggle?

Throughout the weeks we cover all areas of puppy training, and each class there are opportunities to ask questions and spend time one on one with the trainer where we can address your individual needs too.

How do I book?

To book an individual class you can click on the event date above and book online. For a Puppy Membership click here.

How much is it?

£65 per month.

Where are the classes held?

Our puppy classes are held at Bow Wow Doggy Day Care just off Newport Road in Cardiff. It’s a purpose built venue for puppies with top notch facilities including secure car parking, an outside toileting area, heating, toilets, astroturf and even coffee!

Can children come to class?

Yes, we welcome well-trained children. Our methods are very family friendly and children can participate in many of the games. Children who learn to train dogs become adults who can train dogs.

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