Dog Sports Classes

Dog ownership can be so much more than just going for walks and cuddling on the sofa, we have a range of fun sports classes for you and your dog to get out and active, doing something you both love together.

Sports classes are a great way to enrich your dog's life, mentally stimulate and tire them out while enhancing your relationship.

We have something to suit every dog!

Dog Tricks Class

  • When: Weekly (click Book button to see availability)
  • Cost: £65 monthly
  • Where: Cardiff
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    In class you will learn how to teach your dog incredible tricks. We begin with simple skills and foundations and build to more complicated and elaborate tricks. Everything from roll over to handstands, tidy your toys and even learning to read!

    Learning to trick train using tools and methods that professional animal trainers use to train behaviours, such as shaping, luring, capturing, and targeting.

    • Helps provide the mental and physical stimulation your dog needs.
    • Trainers certified and trained under Trick Trainer UK
    • Earn badges and certificates working through the levels.
    • Form a close relationship, and learn to communicate with your dog, all while having fun!

    Rally Obedience Class

    • When: Weekly (click Book button to see availability)
    • Cost: £65 monthly
    • Where: Cardiff
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      This team activity combines the control of Obedience with the fun and energy of play. Working with your dog you learn to navigate a course performing the exercises at each sign earning points for accuracy and speed.

      This sport is a great booster for training and great for keeping adolescent dogs' brains active while increasing your relationship and their obedience skills. It pays hugely into loose lead walking and recall skills, also supercharging focus.

      Scent Detection Class

      • When: TBD
      • Cost: £65 monthly
      • Where: Taffs Well or Barry
        Coming Soon

        Discover the power of your dog's nose!

        In this engaging class learn how to read your dog and teach them to locate and indicate when they’ve found a target scent. This is how we teach airport dogs to detect drugs and conservation dogs to find evidence of endangered species. We begin by teaching a freeze indication and introducing your dogs to the line-up searches, searching on pots & pipes, and searches on chairs or tables. Progressing to novel areas and vehicle searches.

        This is the game you can play with your dog anytime and anywhere. Utilise their phenomenal natural instincts and abilities.

        This is great for dogs that have excess energy and need tiring out, this is a huge mental workout and one of the most calming activities a dog can do.