Welcome to Boomerang Dogs!

You are officially a member of the club and have reserved a space every week in your chosen class.

Here you will find all the information you need for your class, membership and getting involved in the community.

Your Class

You now have a space on your chosen class every week, either from today, or the start date that was on the booking form when you signed up. This means you can come along and your trainer will be ready to welcome you to class.

If you have any questions email [email protected] and we will answer as soon as possible, but sometimes we are teaching and we will get back to you as soon as we can. 

Getting Here

Cardiff Venue – Bow Wow Doggy Day Care

The full address is 9 Ipswich Road, CF23 9AQ. There is a big black sign with number 9 at the top by a blue and yellow building, if you turn into that lane and follow it down to the bottom you will see the parking area and entrance to the right.

Taffs Well Venue – Taffs Well Village Hall

The full address is 83 Cardiff Road, Taff’s Well, CF15 7PL. Once you turn off Cardiff Road there will be plenty of parking so find a space and come in via the entrance on the front of the hall.

Treforest Venue – Treforest Community Centre

The full address is Dan-Y-Bryn Road, CF37 1AD. As you turn on to Dan-Y-Bryn Road the parking is immediately on the left, you will see yellow bollards. The centre is a short walk up the road, attached to the football club and is on the left hand side just up the steps.

What to bring?

  • Your dog – sounds obvious but just in case.
  • Treats – A variety of high and low value is best, such as some dry food or packet treats and then some hot dog, chicken or cheese. You will need more than you think so bring way too many, they can always go home with you at the end.
  • You dogs’ favourite tuggy toy.
  • Flat collar and lead.
  • A harness if your dog has one.
  • Poo bags.
  • A ready to learn, excited mindset.

If you have a partner, family member or friend they are more than welcome to join you, this includes children that can join in training.

What to expect?

Our classes are an open, non judgemental space filled with fun and learning. We begin each class with a short talk and discussion on what we will be working on that week. We use a fun, games-based training method. We do not use any punishment as part of our training, and do not allow this at our classes. This includes using tools such as choke or prong collars.

We advise you to arrive 5-10 minutes early to allow your dog to sniff around outside and to go to the toilet. When you come in there will be stations set up for you to go to and settle while we wait for everyone to arrive before we begin.Please do not allow your dog to greet and play with other dogs in the class unless this is part of one of our training exercises. We want the dogs to see this space as one of focus and training, not play-time with other dogs but with us instead! Also we accommodate some nervous dogs that may be scared by a bouncy albeit friendly dog.

Don’t worry if your dog is a bit nervous, silly or distracted in their first few classes, this is really normal! Bear in mind some of the other dogs may have been coming for a while and dogs learn at different rates, never compare your journey with anyone else’s.

We will work on a skill as a group, with the trainer coming around and personalising the training to you and your dog. We will cover several exercises in each class and also allow time to ask any questions you might have. At the end of the class you will be given homework to practice for next week and have the opportunity to buy treats or chews from our tuck shop.

My Trainer

Cardiff – Zoe (07516031832)

Zoe loves teaching life skills in a fun and effective way, she runs the life skills classes in Cardiff as well as tricks and agility. She has a Labrador cross called Colin, and a Collie cross Cattle Dog called Trevor whom she is training in heelwork to music with.

Taffs Well + Treforest – Rhiannon (07516 026299)

Rhiannon loves helping owners to develop a strong relationship with their dog, as well as all things scent based. She teaches life skills and scentwork classes in Taffs Well. She shares her life with three Border Terriers, Flossy, Chester, and Teasel and also “borrows” her parents’ chihuahuas on a regular basis!

Should you need to contact your trainer directly, to let them know you won’t be at class or need to ask them a question you can message or call them on their mobiles. If they don’t answer or respond right away it’s probably because they are teaching or on their day off and they will get in touch with you as soon as they can.

Facebook Community

We have a vibrant and active Facebook group where you can access training videos, lives and post questions to get extra support.

When you join the group be sure to check out the pinned posts for any announcements and instructions on how to use the group to its best.

Managing My Membership

As a member your space is reserved in your class for as long as you would like to, or need to keep attending. If you feel you are acing life skills you can even opt to move to a fun, sports class such as tricks, scent or agility.

When you signed up a subscription was created so your payment for classes will go out on the same date you signed up each month. While there is no minimum commitment in the number of months you need to stay, we require 7 days notice to cancel your subscription so that we can stop the next payment and open your space up to someone else, we cannot offer refunds if we are not given notice.

So if you signed up on the 10th of the month, your payment will then continue to go out on the 10th each month, should you wish to cancel you would need to inform us by email to [email protected] by the 3rd, use the subject line ‘Cancel Membership’.

While you remain a member you have access to your weekly class, online resources through our Facebook classroom, access to trainers by phone for extra support, member pricing for 121 services and regular free member events.