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Your dog's struggles do not have to define your dog or your relationship with them. We equip you with games, skills and strategies to make your dog a success story

Goodbye stress, embarrassment and anxiety. Our training packages are about guiding you and your dog to be an unstoppable team. You will be given our exclusive training system which combines dog training theory with practical exercises and games. Your plan will put you on the path to building a strong dog-owner relationship, long-term desirable traits in your dog and solid behaviours that you can rely on.

Initial consultation

Initial One to One Consultion

It all begins here, our expert trainers will listen to your struggles and desires. We will assess your dog's behaviour, help you understand what is happening and build a training plan together that will enable you to achieve your goals.

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Tesla is very approachable and works with you rather than giving you a set of instructions, which leaves you confident in carrying on with the activities after the session. I would thoroughly recommend her!

— Carys Smart
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Dog Training Packages


Intensive training to overcome larger struggles

  • 10 One to One Sessions
  • 10 Group Classes
  • 12 Months Online Training Library Access
  • Access to Boomerang Dogs Community with Weekly Q&A
  • Personalised Training Plan
  • Training Tracking Poster
  • Post Package Follow-Up
  • Midweek Coaching Call
  • Training Resource Folder
  • Training Equipment Provided
MOST POPULAR Popular package

Work on resolving a struggle or improve general training

  • 6 One to One Sessions
  • 6 Group Classes
  • 6 Months Online Training Library Access
  • Access to Boomerang Dogs Community with Weekly Q&A
  • Personalised Training Plan
  • Training Tracking Poster
  • Post Package Follow-Up

Perfect for dogs that need a top-up on a basic training area

  • 3 One to One Sessions
  • 4 Group Classes
  • 3 Months Online Training Library Access
  • Access to Boomerang Dogs Community with Weekly Q&A
  • Personalised Training Plan

We've used other dog trainers in the past who were good with dogs but not so much with people and came away feeling disheartened. Tesla was different, she's empathetic and clearly understands how hard life with rescues can be. She obviously has a deep knowledge of dog behavior but is friendly and professional and uses simple analogies anyone can understand. He's had a rough start to life, but after our session with Tesla I feel hopeful we can help Fred be the calm, confident dog he deserves to be

— Caroline O'Rourke

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Do I have to have an initial consultation?

No you can opt to jump straight in to resolving your dog's struggles by selecting one of our packages. However if you are unsure of which package you need, you can have an initial consultation where your trainer will advise which package you need. If you choose to take an initial consultation, it will count as a session from your selected package. We will then discount the consultation fee from the package cost.

Which package do I need?

You can give us a call or book an initial consultation if you are unsure of which package you need. The trainer will then advise on the package that will help you to overcome your struggles.

Why do you only offer packages?

Boomerang Dog's mission is to empower owners and create a dog training culture. From our experience packages are the best way to set you and your dog up for success. It enables us to provide you with the continued support you need on your dog training journey and not only the knowledge.

One off sessions often leave you with part of the picture when many dog training struggles need progressive exercises in order to resolve them. When you are on one of our packages you have a dedicated trainer with guaranteed regular sessions to keep you on track and help you with any troubleshooting.

Do you offer residential training?

In everything we do, we aim to empower dog owners and create a culture for enjoying training with your dog. You brought a dog into your family to enjoy spending time with them and build a bond. When done correctly training is fun and when you send your dog to residential training you miss out on all the amazing experiences of seeing your dog progress and the feeling of success.

Training is not just about teaching dogs, it is also about upskilling you so that should you experience other struggles that you feel confident in handling them. Without these skills, what seemed like a quick fix by using residential services quickly spirals and becomes costly as you commit to more weeks of sending your dog away.