Puppy Training Package

Amazing dogs start as brilliant puppies, our extra puppy support guarantees that you give you and your puppy the skills needed to make the journey of puppyhood a safe and happy one.

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A puppy is constantly learning and as a puppy owner you will find that you need to face many challenges and decisions. With our package, we have developed a proven formula that takes the guesswork out of raising a puppy and sets you and your puppy up for the lifetime of success that you deserve.

Puppy Package + Your Puppy = Success

Our unique combination of personalised home visits, puppy toolkit, group classes, resources and a trainer on tap gives you the perfect level of support. With our puppy package there is no need to feel unsure, or to second-guess your choices about guiding your puppy ever again.

Before puppy arrives

If your puppy is arriving soon we can prime you on how to set up a safe environment, what to expect from the first few days, and training that you can start right away.

Pre-vaccination training

A puppy is learning 24/7 and its early development is a great time to start teaching the life skills and traits that your puppy needs to navigate the real world.

Fixing struggles before they become problems

With manageable, easy to follow advice you can overcome struggles quickly before they have a chance to escalate. Without intervention behaviours like barking, nervousness, destruction and over-excitement will only worsen over time.

Our one-to-one training sessions can be banked up ready for when you need it, you can use them for home visits or out on a walk if you need extra support out and about.

Whats Included In Puppy Package

3 personalised one-to-one visits with an expert trainer

Full month of group puppy classes

Puppy toolkit - essential puppy training aids
Trainer on tap - message, text or call when you have a question or struggle
Confidence and peace of mind you are making the right choices
Puppy resources

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"Tesla and the team are so patient, kind and knowledgeable about all aspects of training my Sprocker puppy. I can't thank them enough for helping us so far and I'm now much more confident that what we're doing will result in a happy, calm dog!"

Start your puppy package now for a happy journey through puppyhood. Our trainers will follow up with you shortly after you take out the package to discuss a plan, and to arrange dates for your visits and classes.

Sound great so far but still have a few questions before you're ready to start? Please contact us, or submit a message with your details using the form below and we will be happy to talk you through how the package works.

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