Canine First Aid Training – Level 2 – Saturday 22nd April 1:30PM @ Taffs Well Village Hall


Would you know what to do in an emergency?

Finding your beloved dog sick or injured – or worse, not breathing – is enough to make anyone’s blood run cold, but knowing how to stay calm and administer essential first aid can make all the difference.
First aid is not a replacement for veterinary treatment, but it does enable you to give immediate aid in a variety of situations to keep your dog safe and not cause further harm while seeking professional help.
This Canine First Aid Workshop will teach you how to administer essential dog first aid for a range of common injuries and first-aid scenarios. The workshop will be held by one of our wonderful Boomerang Dogs trainers, qualified in teaching canine first aid to dog owners and professionals.

You will learn:
Taking vitals and conducting a full body exam
Live saving CPR
Assessing and bandaging
How to act with confidence in a variety of scenarios, including: poisoning, heat stroke, seizures, choking and shock

This course will ensure that you are equipped with the skills and confidence to act in a dog first-aid emergency!
This is a Certified CPD course, and is a VTQ (Vocational Training Qualification), so there will be a short exam at the end.
Our workshop will be held on Saturday 25th February 2022 at 1:30pm for approximately 3 hours, at Taff’s Well Village Hall, CF15 7PL.

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